Welcome to my legislative website. This is where you will find my contact information, information on legislation I am working on, news releases, radio interviews, my bio, and much more. I am honored and privileged to represent the 15th District in Olympia.

I am focused on reducing your cost of living, making our communities safer, fixing our housing crisis, and empowering all families. Water, agriculture, and a strong workforce will also, and always, be a top priority for our region.

I am your voice in the Legislature. My goal is to make sure that our region’s citizens have a voice in our state government.

I encourage you to contact me with questions, ideas, or comments on the issues that impact you. Together we can make a difference and help our government do a better job of responding to your needs.

Thank you for the opportunity to represent you.

Rep. Bryan Sandlin
(360) 786-7874  |  bryan.sandlin@leg.wa.gov
Note: Emails may be subject to public disclosure.

Election-year restrictions prohibit me from updating my website until after the November 2024 election. However, you are still welcome to contact me anytime.

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My Priorities

Reducing your cost of living

Our state has collected record amounts of taxpayer dollars over the last few years, while many in Washington are struggling with affordability issues or working through economic hardships. Despite the cost of living increasing - real estate, the price of fuel, goods, and services - there has been no tax relief. My colleagues and I have advocated for tax relief and other policies to address the affordability crisis.

Fixing the affordability crisis

Public safety must be a priority

The majority’s ineffective and destructive policies have put Washington communities in a public safety crisis. Our state is among the leaders in the country in retail theft, auto theft, and property crimes. Washington can no longer rank last in the nation in terms of the number of police officers per thousand people. House Republicans have offered real solutions focused on prioritizing public safety, supporting law enforcement, preventing crime, and helping victims.

Republican solutions to fix the public safety crisis

Why we must hold our state government accountable

We need to make sure our state agencies operate efficiently and effectively and be held accountable for not meeting proper standards of service. Our state government and agencies can do better to serve the citizens of Washington state.

Why we must hold our state government accountable

Agriculture and water are critical to Washington state's economy

We must preserve and protect the ability of farmers and ranchers to provide a safe, affordable, and sustainable food supply as they continue to put food on the table for families. Access to water is a fundamental right. To ensure there is enough water for farms, families, fish, wildlife, and our marine ecosystem, it is crucial we properly manage and preserve our water resources and environment.

Review statistics related to Washington's environmental crises

Meet Bryan Sandlin

Bryan is a lifelong resident of the Yakima Valley. He started working on his family farm at an early age. At twelve-years old, he was able to oversee a crew of ten for his first apple harvest and would later become manager of Sandlin Farms, Inc.  Bryan graduated from...

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