Sandlin legislation to assist rural areas through hiring of grant writers clears Senate

Legislation designed to help rural areas by supporting economic development through the hiring of grant writers unanimously passed the Senate on Tuesday.

House Bill 1783, sponsored by State Rep. Bryan Sandlin, would require the Department of Commerce (DOC) to establish a grant program to support associate development organizations (ADO) in the recruiting, hiring, and retention of grant writers.

The ADO’s are local organizations designated by each county to serve as the department’s primary partner in local economic development activities in their county.

“As rural areas work to bring in economic development, one of their biggest challenges they face is finding grant writers to assist with grant applications for economic development assistance from government and philanthropic sources, said Sandlin, R-Zillah. “The goal of this legislation is to recruit and retain skilled and trained grant writers for the rural and distressed areas so they can bring economic development.”

This legislation would allow county ADO’s to work with the department to ensure they can recruit and retain grant writers. It provides the DOC with the resources and authority necessary to make that happen.

The bill was amended in the Senate so the bill heads back to the House for a concurrence vote on the amended version of the measure before it heads to the governor’s desk.

The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn on April 23.


Washington State House Republican Communications